back to the roots - back to kumusha

Dear friends and Magamba,

This page is meant for former pupils of Kwenda, mainly those I taught during my years from 1991 to 1994. This page is supposed to help you get in touch with each other!

Maybe this page can be the first step towards a proper webpage for Kwenda Secondary School!

If you want to appear on this page please send me information about you!

1) your present name (and your former name if you have married and changed your name)
2) the years you spent in Kwenda (like 1991 to 1994)
3) where you live now
4) what you do now
5) maybe you can inlude some pictures of you (old and new ones).
6) maybe you can write a few sentences of what you have done in the last 10 years after you left Kwenda (education, jobs, marriages, children, etc.)
7) maybe you can tell a funny or interesting story you remember when you think back of Kwenda!

Here you find people who have already submitted something!