Music from "Njanja" - music from Kwenda 

Ishe komborera Africa - recorded in July 1991 in Kwenda Mission Secondary School (dining hall)
(I interrupted DONA for this recording and not everybody liked that - but you sang beautifully!!!)

Here are the lyrics (Thanks to Onai who send it to me!):

Ishe komborera Africa
Ngaisimudzirwe zita rayo
Inzwai miteuro yedu
Ishe komborera,
Isu, mhuri yayo.
Huya mweya
Huya mweya komborera
(repeat previous two lines)
Huya mweya
Huya mweya woutsvene
Uti komborere
Isu mhuri yayo.

English translation:

God bless Africa,
Let her fame spread far and wide!
Hear our prayer,
May God bless us!
Come, Spirit, come!
Come! Holy Spirit!
(Repeat previuos two lines)
Come and bless us, her children

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